2-in-1 Rack

Racking.sg promotes innovations and functionalities in all of the products delivered to its customers. The 2-in-1 Rack series is the illustration of Racking.sg's commitment in delivering innovations that are coupled with great functionalities to the consumers. This easy-to install and easy-to dismantle rack ensures trouble-free usage. Available in 5-level powder-coasted steel shelves, these 2-in-1 racks demonstrates the quick and easy installation of Racking.sg’s Boltless concept. Systems with this concept make the shelves straightforward and quick for home and office usage. The versatility of the 2-in-1 rack series ensure itself to be easily constructed to different heights up to 6 feet with all the simple add-on of angle posts. Apart from this, the 2-in-1 rack series is delivered to the consumers in 1-carton boxes which ensure easy transport and handling.

The innovative joint brackets enable the 2-in-1 rack series to be used as a single unit of 5-level shelves or as 2 individual units with 2- and 3-level shelves depending on the consumer's preferences. Measurement of 5-level 2-in-1 Rack: 1829 x 350 x 900 (mm). Available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Pink.

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